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Scout popcorn sale

posted Sep 23, 2014, 5:17 PM by Troop 3 Evanston   [ updated Sep 23, 2014, 5:18 PM ]
Jill Baker is organizing a popcorn sale for troop 3 and has provided this information:  

Packets with order forms were available at the previous meeting, and will be available at future meetings, but if you need one before the next meeting, please let Jill know.

Jill has some of almost all the products at her house.  So if someone wants to buy something and needs it immediately, there is a good chance she can get it to you right away. She also have tax receipts for Military Donations.

Where does the money go?
For this fundraiser, 3 gets 1/3 of the price of each item sold.  1/3 goes back to our local Council, and pays for things like camp scholarships, in-school programs, and service projects.  The remaining third goes back to the company that supplies the popcorn to us.

How do we sell?
There is a prize sheet included in the packet. Scouts should look at the prizes and set a goal.  There are several ways you can sell.
~Door-to-door: go to your neighbors and ask if they would like to support your Scouting activities.
~Co-workers:  Guardians can bring an order form to work and show them what your Scout is selling
~Family & Friends:  Call or speak to loved ones and ask them to support you
~Online:  There is an online store available, however it is currently not listing T3.  The Council is working to fix this. When it is ready, Jill will let us know.

How do we collect money?
Money has to be turned in before we place the order with Council. If we don't have payment, I can't place the order, because w  have to pay for the popcorn at the time we place the order. If you accept checks, they have to be made out to you.  Jill will only be collecting cash.

When important dates do I need to know?
All money, prize selections, and orders just be in by October 31st(Halloween).  You can bring it to the meeting on October 30th, or to Jill at home.

Popcorn will be ready to pick up no later than mid-November, but may be available sooner.  I will let you know as soon as your order is ready.

What about the special prize rally?
Scout that sell 1 item by September 30th, can go to one of three prize rallies.  The flyer with the locations of these rallies are in the packet. Send Jill an e-mail with how many of which products the scout has sold, and she will enter it into the popcorn system.  You don't have to pay for these orders until the 31st of October, but they need to be in the system so Council knows what has been sold for the rally.

Please let Jill know if you have any questions!