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Life to Eagle

The rank of Eagle Scout is the highest rank in Scouting.
Eagle Scouts are recognized as high achievers wherever they go.

The Life to Eagle program at Troop 3 is intended to assist our Scouts in planning and executing their Eagle project in a timely and organized fashion.An Eagle project is a major undertaking that involved planning, coordination, budgeting and a focus on the goal of attaining the Eagle Rank.



  • The clock starts running the day you become a Life Scout. Make sure all of your merit badges are in order with the proper dates and succession needed to advance. If there is any discrepancy identify it right away and go to your Scoutmaster. 
  • Within one month of becoming a Life Scout, you should begin planning your Eagle Project. This section will help you organize the project. The Troop 3 Scoutmaster, our Life to Eagle Coordinator and Assistant Scoutmasters are available to help you with your project every step of the way.
  • Pick a project - write up the idea, get benefactor to sign. You can see lots of Eagle Project ideas by Googling "Eagle Service Projects".Within a month of selecting your project, have a written draft of the project, discuss it with the Troop 3 Life-to-Eagle advisor and obtain approval to present it to the Troop 3 Scoutmaster. Obtain approval from the Scoutmaster within two weeks of presenting it to him. Follow up if necessary; don’t assume he got your email. If it is taking more than a week call him!
  • Prepare and present to the Troop Committee your project details, including overview, costs, fund raising efforts, man hours involved, benefactor of the project and other key details. This is the plan you will work from. Include as much detail as you have access to. Expect questions, suggestions and changes following the presentation. The Committee is interested in making sure you have all the bases covered and that the project fits the profile of a suitable Eagle Project.
  • Present the project to the District Advancement Chairman for the Potawatomi District. This only happens once a month so you need to plan for the date well in advance so you do not wait more time than you need to. 
  • Complete the pre-project activities, such as logistics, team building, material acquisition, permits, and obtain the necessary resources. Ask for help along the way. The Troop is there to support you.
  • Execute the project and write up the results. You have to document the project from start to finish. Take copious notes, photos and keep track of changes.
  • Obtain the approval of both the benefactor, the Scoutmaster and the Committee Chairman.
  • Complete the advancement records, obtain reference letters, confirm and complete leadership requirements. Submit your application to the Scoutmaster and the Troop Committee Chair.
  • Stay focused and make incremental progress. An Eagle Project can take over 9 months to plan and execute. Everything must be completed, signed off and done before your 18th birthday.